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Indian Dams and Future of Bangladesh

The natural law of the flow of water is to flow upstream to downstream and Bangladesh is located downstream of many international river that originated in the country that surrounded her named India. We Bangladeshis are learned from very childhood that Bangladesh is criss-crossed by rivers. The control these flow and to protect these low land countries various international forums worked together and various international laws are established and they are also exercised with a great deal of authority. 

Internationally, it is very much well known that no upstream country can directly or indirectly control the natural flow of water. But the people of Bangladesh are having the reverse thing from the monster like country India. They are trying to diminish the ultimate existence of Bangladesh and they also think that all the fools are live in Bangladesh and all the natural talents are live in India.In the international  media, they say that they are the well wisher of Bangladesh but their attitude tells the reverse one. They do not show any kind of respect whenever they talk to us and their ambassadorial correspondence with us is very much influencing with no compromising attitude.
Farakka Barrage across the Ganges River
Farakka Barrage is a barrage across the Ganges River, located in the Indian state of West Bengal, roughly 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the border with Bangladesh. Construction was started in 1960 and completed in 1974.
We, the people of Bangladesh, have got the ultimate bad experience from the ‘Farakka incident'. The result of the ‘Farakka water barrier' is very bad. The surrounding area of ‘The Farakka Water Barrier' becomes the desert as well as non-cultivating land. That means, a huge cultivable land of our country becomes non-cultivable land just because of ‘The Farakka Water Barrier'. Moreover, a good number of people of this arena, who lived near Farakka in the recent past, have migrated themselves in India.
Farakka Barrage the Sorrow of Bangladesh
Farakka Barrage the Sorrow of Bangladesh
The latest water control system of India is known as ‘Tipaimukh Water barrier' and they (India) are saying that they are trying to build this barrage to produce electricity as their arguments against this barrage. The interesting thing is, their own people are against their decision and the people of Monipur are providing the leading. The bad things that will happen in our country just because of the barrage are listed below: 

- The north-west part of our country will be desert as well as non-cultivable land. 

- About 25-30 rivers, sub rivers will dry up just because of the barrage. 

- About 30 millions people will be affected and they will be bound to migrate to other places or even other countries. 

- The weather of the country will be wormed up. 

-The green of the north-west region of our country will be destroyed

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