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Automatic Vicat Apparatus for Determination of Setting time of Cement

Cement is the bonding component of concrete which binds the inert filler materials of concrete mass. In this post we will discuss about Vicat Apparatus which is a simple equipment for testing cement. Everyone in civil engineering specially in material engineering are known about this equipment. So why this Apparatus are in discussion this is the question. we will discuss a automated apparatus manufactured by Geotechnical Testing Equipment.

The Automatic Vicat Apparatus is designed and manufactured using the most recent and sophisticated technology, it is used for the initial  and final setting time determination of cements or mortar pastes. The apparatus is manufactured with anticorrosion components to be used in places with humidity up to 90% and 20°C. 
Automatic Vicat Apparatus for setting time determination of cement
The entire test is made in a fully automatic way and gives a very precise and repeatable result with controlled temperature as required by EN Specifications.

The results are printed on the incorporated printer and this eliminates the manual operations of installing and zeroing the paper graph on the drum.

The use of the appliance is extremely simplified by the guiding menu that is available in different languages.

CM 0123 

Automatic Vicat Apparatus Complete with EN and ASTM Initial and Final needles, Consistency Plunger, 1 x EN and ASTM Mould and Glass Plate. 

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