Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Defective Piles and Corrective Measures

In previous posts we discussed about defective piles. Now we discuss what to do for defective pile. Defective pile associated with injurious splitting, steel deformation, brooming and splintering of wood, or concrete spalling and crushing. A pile which is not positioned properly will not be allowed to repositioning applying forces or other mechanism. The contractors are responsible for corrective measures for defective pile at their own expanses including coercions of driving pile below the designed cut-off level, wrong positioning of piles and damaging of pile due to  improper  or  wrong driving. The following methods are used to for correction of defective piles:

(a) The piles shall be withdrawn and replaced by new and, if necessary, longer piles, or

(b) Replacement piles shall be driven adjacent to defective or low piles, or

Naked steel tie of defective pile due to mud inclusion during concreting
(c) The piles shall be spliced or built up, as otherwise provided herein, or a sufficient portion of the footing extended to properly embed the piles. Timber piles shall not be spliced without specific permission of the Consultant. All piles, pushed up by the driving of adjacent piles or by any other cause, shall be driven down again.
Defective pile: Irregular Pile Sections with Vertical Discontinuities
In case of application of hammer of grater energy to obtain required penetration and for achievement of designed bearing capacity, as accepted by the consultant, the contractor cannot claim extra work.

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