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What is adjustable steel column?

Adjustable steel column is a steel post that is designed to connect mechanically to roof to support it. The post supports a system of beams to provide additional stiffness that are required to withstand earthquake, wind loads or other sources of lateral displacement loads. The posts are usually hollow and an adjustable mechanism is attached to each post through providing threads. The adjustable system facilitates to adjust the column height when required. 

These columns are normally provided in basement. This column can be assembled as a single-piece or multiple-parts depending on the manufacturer’s production sizes and facilities. 
Adjustable steel column
Some requirements for adjustable steel columns according to International Residential Code (IRC):

1. The post diameter should not be less than 75 mm irrespective of structural design to support the loads. Both structural design and IRC minimum requirement have to satisfy in determining post diameter.
adjustable steel column
The post must be protected by corrosion-inhibitive paint. The both outer and inner surfaces of steel column have to paint with corrosion-inhibitive paint. If steel is treated with corrosion resistant coating or corrosion-resistant steel are used this requirement does not bear any importance.

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