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What is Anchor Bolt?

The factored base shear in column, in normal loading conditions, is resisted by friction between plate and support of it. The introduction of anchor bolts is to provide addition capacity against shear that may occur due to many unfavorable conditions.

Function of anchor bolts:

1.To stabilize column preventing uplift induced by moments that generated by lateral load(earthquake and wind) or any other sources.

2.  To keep the column in position during erection process.

Steel anchor bolt having threaded rod’s with nutsTypes of Anchore bolt:

a. Drilled-in bolts 

b. Cast-inplace bolts

The application of these types of anchor bolts are :

a. Drilled-in bolts

Drilled-in anchor bolts are not frequently used. In this process bolts are installed after the concrete is set.

b. Cast-inplace bolts

Cast-inplace anchor bolts are placed before setting of concrete. This ancor bolt may be bolts, threaded rods having nuts or hooked bars.

Hooked bars:
Among these anchor bolts the hooked bars are suitable for base plates that are loaded axially.
Bolts can be used either to anchor base plate subjected to moments or to anchor axially loaded base plate.
steel hooked bars anchor bolt
Threaded rod’s:
Drilled steel anchor bolts filled with epoxy
Both axially loaded base plates and base plates subjected to moments and be anchored by threaded rod’s with nuts. This system of anchoring are required when the size and length obtained from design calculation for the specific design exceed those of standard size bolts. This threaded nut system fails when stress in the rod is reached to tensile capacities.


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