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Erection Safety of Pile Rig

We all are concern with piling operation, investigating damaged pile, pile cap design and casting and other operation followed by them. But we are little concern with safety against piling hazard. In this post, we discuss erection of pile rig.

The frames of pile rigs must be checked safe structurally for expected dead, operational load and wind loads. If engineer in charge doubts structural strength, relevant test should be conducted to ensure any failure during operation or idle time. Every pile driving and operational equipments should be inspected and certified as safe. Guy line from all direction of flying hammer
In case of large project where two or more rigs are working at a time, a separation of distance more than longest leg of two rigs should be kept. 
Pile rig erection safety
Concrete beds, firm timber sills or any other secure foundations should be used as support of pile drivers. Sometimes pile drivers are guyed to withstand storm, wind, earthquake or other lateral impact. Normally three guys are required to have a least resistance to such impact. This safety measures are equally applicable to the rigs that are not even in use. Pile driver uplift

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