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What is Soilcrete in Soil Stabilization?

Soilcrete is a method of rendering better engineering properties to foundation soil. Throughout this month we have discussed different way of stabilization of soil that suits for particular soil types. Here we will publish some consecutive posts about soilcrete. We have already learned about pozzocrete and shotcrete. This version of ‘crete’ is different from these.

In this method of soil stabilization, soil is mixed with Portland cement and water. The mixing is done in situ by excavating soil and mixing it with cement and water by blending with mechanical mixer and sometimes fluid is injected in high pressure.

Shear Wall Construction with Soil-Crete technique
Soilcrete is used in either grid pattern or in pinpoint where concentration of structural loads is high. The first option is used where entire substructure are needed to be treated to provide foundations like slab foundation or storage tank. The later option is applicable in heavily loaded critical components of building for which stabilization of foundation soil is required.

The foundation bed that have soft or loose deposits, suspected to be suffered excessive settlement hampering regular serviceability of building structures disturbing, the most common, utility facilities. In the next post we discuss about he applications of this methods. The most common methods of constructing structural elements of soilcrete are soil mixing and jet grouting. We will discuss about these two methods in next few posts. Please stay tuned with this blog.

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