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What is the Basis of Purchase of Fiber Reinforced Concrete?

Someone may think that is it important to know basis of purchase of fiber reinforced concrete? But it is a important thing to determine the purchase volume of concrete for a particular project. This is why in every specification; ASTM provides a basis of purchase and ordering information as well. The later one is also very important to purchase a quality product from manufacturer. We will discuss about ordering information in next few posts as it will be large post as many parameters have to be provided to order a concrete product.

ASTM C685/C 685-10 provides the specifications for basis of purchases. We will now discuss this point. The unit to measure purchase. We will now discuss this point. The unit to measure purchase amount of concrete is cubic meter or cubic yard. This is to notice that the concrete is not of hardened form. This is a fresh concrete and quantity is determined when it is discharged continuously from batching machine and mixing apparatus.

Fiber concrete batching plant with fiber dispersion machine with double layer
The volume is determined by using a indicating device that are driven directly with batching apparatus. The machine must be calibrated before using to quantifying its volume.

It should keep in mind that the volume of fresh concrete is not the same the volume of concrete that are hardened. This is due to:

a. Over excavation

b. Spreading forms

c. Escaping some amount of entrained air from concrete.

d. Spillage

e. Waste

The purchaser should understand that none of above events of volume loosing are not responsibility of manufacturer.

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