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What are Dry Soil Mix and Wet Soil Mix in Soilcrete?

In the previous post we have learned that structural elements of soilcrete can be constructed either by soil mixing or jet grouting. In this post we will learn about soil mixing. In this method of mixing, the tools used for mixing consists of cutters or blades and paddles. The all elements are designed and arranged to facilitate mixing and agitation of soil-cement slurry to construct columns of soilcrete of diameter ranging from (3-8) ft. the resulting columns rendered a compressive strength of the order of (200-600)psi.

So far we discussed about injection of mixer in the form of slurry. But in some cases a dry powdered form mixer may produce a soilcrete column. This is done in saturated soil. Here in situ hydration is occurred. The method of injecting mixer in dry powdered form and hydration process in situ is called dry soil mixing.

1.5m excavated Soilcrete Column to be interconnected with beams

The dry mix produces a soilcrete column as that can be produced by cement slurry having no significant waste. If we term later process as dry soil mix, the first method can be termed as wet soil mix.

Construction of soilcrete columns is a technique to improve stiffness and strength properties of soft/weak soils. A geotechnical engineer should consider soilcrete techniques before selecting more expensive options like drilled shafts, piling or other expensive options.

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