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What are the Performance Requirements to Adopt an Effective Concrete Repair Method?

In the previous post we have discussed many aspects of concrete repair work. We have discussed about repair options that can be taken and also published few posts about RCC jacketing. In this post we will discuss about the performances that should expect from selecting a repair option (as discussed in previous post).

The performance requirements include the achievement of desired strength, durability and serviceability from a repair system. The protection of steel reinforcement that is suspected to be corroded is also important. The most important requirement that ensure composite action is bond between parent materials to new materials that are used to repair a existing member of structure. Here we are providing a list of such requirements to ensure good performance:

Concrete surface preparation by removing spalled and loose particles to provide repair work.

1. Proper protection to steel.

2. Bond between parent and new materials.

3. Dimensional stability.

Spalled and corroded concrete column required to be repaired4. Sufficient resistance against most unfavorable environmental damage.

5. Appearance of final product/member.

6. Affordable and easy application.

And as a whole the final requirement is a strong, serviceable and durable repaired product.

In achieving such performance the following factors should be considered during selecting a method of repair:

a. Extent and type of distress

b. Environmental distress

c. Distress location

d. Accessibility to repair location

e. Duration of repair work

f. Cost

g. Appearance

h. Available workmanship

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  1. concrete repair is tough stuff, but even concrete cracks and crumbles. Eventually, nature has her way. Moisture and temperature extremes make their presence known through damage to concrete floors, walks and structures. Fortunately, you can make simple concrete repair's yourself. concrete repair requires few tools and no special skills, but it does require a strong back.