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What are the Repair Options for Concrete Structure?

At first we will learn when structural repair for concrete structure is required. The aims of structural repair are to provide safety to structures, repairing structural defects and bring structure to a stable condition to resist concrete member from further deterioration. These are done by increasing stiffness and strength of structure and preventing intrusion of deteriorating agents to structures to restrict further distress. Sometimes increasing of aesthetical appearance is also a objective of structural repair.

The repair options are chosen based on the deteriorated conditions of structure and degree of increment of strength and stiffness of deteriorated structure. We are providing some options for repair of concrete structure. These options may, individually or combination of more than one, be adopted for these purposes. These are:

Replacing damaged concrete roof after passivating corroded steel
1. Patch repair.

2. Grouting method of crack repair.

3. Replacing concrete that are structurally weak.

4. Replacing delaminated and/or spalled concrete.

5. Replacing carbonated concrete around steel reinforcement.

6. Passivating and cleaning steel reinforcement that are corroded
Cracked concrete pavement required repair

7. Re-alkalising carbonated concrete.

8. Removing chlorides by electro-chemical method from chloride deteriorated concrete

9. Any means of water proofing or providing protecting coating.

10. Jacketing to provide protection against corrosion.

11. Providing concrete overlays by later modified or low to highly fluid overlays of concrete.


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