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How is Polymer Concrete System Formed?

This type of concrete is generally used for grout pads, overlays, patches and silt embedment purposes, and for similar purposes in concrete. This is a technique of repair concrete members. we will discuss about this system of concrete in this post. Gradually we will discuss all types of concrete repair method in this blog.

Normally vinyl ester resin and methyl methacrylate are used as polymer system. now we will learn about what consists this system of concrete. These are:

A. Resin system or reactive monomer (100%). generally there should only reactive solvent.

Polymer Concrete overlay for bridge deck
B. To avoid premature polymerization of the system of monomer or resin, inhibitors are used. These inhibitors are normally used in monomer by acrylic manufacturers requiring no mixing in site.

C. To retard decomposition rate of initiator, a small quantity of promoter is used.

D. The quantity of initiator has a relation of direct proportion with the curing rate of polymer concrete.

E. Necessarily aggregates

F. As an extra acre a primer that is compatible with this type of concrete is applied over the surface of concrete that have to be repaired.

The application of polymer concrete system renders a set of physical properties of upgraded form to the repaired concrete. They are:

1. Compressive strength

2. Tensile strength

3. Flexural strength

4. Modulus of elasticity

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