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Leca: The best light weight Aggregate for Thermal Insulated Concrete

As some construction process in particular cases concrete unit need to be light and thermal insulated. With the reduction of weight of concrete structure, Leca provides a great thermal insulated concrete. Leca is nothing but light expanded clay aggregate, brings to us by LECA Building Material Trading .

A lightweight concrete decreases weight of structure significantly. Thus reducing the member size, it brings economy to construction industry too. We have published several posts about light weight concrete. Here we are discussing a particular product that were discussed before briefly or accurately just used this brand name as an example of treated aggregate category.

Leca-a light weight aggregate for light and thermal insulated concreteThe lightness of concrete is a headache to engineers as a lighter structure induces lesser earthquake forces. Now we will know about Leca. Numerous small, puffed and lightweight particles form Leca. It is derived by burning clay. It has numerous cavities filled with air. These cavities render strength and insulation properties to Leca.

The basic material of Leca is plastic clay which is heated in rotary kiln, after pre-treating them extensively. These heated materials get expanded and produce finished product Leca. The temperature at which it is burnt is 11000C. Leca is environment friendly product; it is non-conbustible, impervious and free from attack from insects, we-rot, dry-rot.fff

Thermal insulation from both side of concrete made with Leca

Test performed according to EN12667 the following results regarding co-efficient of thermal conductivity are found:

EN12667 test result on Leca for thermal conductivity and density of both aggregate and concrete

These results depicts that Leca is high quality thermal insulation aggregate and produce light weight high thermal insulated concrete as well. Regarding weight 800kg/cum is very light. Using this product in concrete construction unit (like partition wall), saving both fuel and electricity consumption. Thus building steps ahead to be a green building. Dear readers please stay with us we will provide introduction to such building materials that makes a building energy efficient.

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