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High Density Polyurethane Foam form EFT for Raising and Repair of Concrete Slab Foundation

We everyone knows that replacing a concrete slab foundation or concrete pavement is very costly attempt to rehabilitate a distressed or sunk concrete slab. Besides replacing, slabjacking can provide cost-effective solution, reducing also the cost half of that replacing. In some areas, where removal and demolition of concrete is tough, in odd situations, where service and repair have to be done simultaneously.

Leaving behind traditional mudjacking (slab jacking with regular cement grout), Engineered Foundation Technologies (EFT), have brought to foundation engineers a magic solution with polyurethane foam. They got very good reputation in New England and some other states with that their successful polyurethane injection methods.

Sophisticated equipment for polyurethane foam injections in raising concrete slab

So far they have successfully conducted repair and rehabilitation of slabs that rest on ground. The scopes of their application are:

a. Concrete ramps

b. Side walks

Raising effort of pavement slab sunk at junction with Polyurethane Foam Injectionc. Concrete pations

d. Concrete road pavement

e. Driveways

f. Foundations

g. Garage floors

h. Parking lots

i. Industrial floors

j. Basements

We will publish numerous post regarding basement water proofing in this blog. Please stay with us.

EFT serves a high density injection foam containing polyurethane, effectively lift and stabilize slab foundations or concrete pavements. Now why we should use this polyurethane injection?

Answers are-

1. Using it we may avoid costly demolishing and hazard related to demolition.

2. Business or traffic movement can be operated smoothly around the restoration area

Distressed slab to be repaired and raised by polyurethane by EFT

3. The service areas become usable within 15 minutes

4. It is light in weight and does not produce over burden pressure from newly applied materials.

These are the points which make EFT’s methods superior to traditional slabjacking with cement grouting. Imagine only four pounds weight of polyurethane can replace 140 pounds of conventional cement grout to fill a cavity beneath a distressed slab. With a lighter weight it provides strongest lifting technology of concrete member.

We have missed an important advantage. This is high density polyurethane application even under water or the repair area which is wet, provides chemical reactions as that reacts in dry conditions. The repaired area becomes water resistant and provides a moisture barrier in penetrating into the concrete slab.


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