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What is Hydroplaning in Concrete Pavement?

Dear reader this is relatively new term to us and we suppose to you too. During reading a journal about concrete pavement problems, we found this term. New term is always an interesting thing to reader and to us too. Dear reader we have promised to give you every definition, every causes and every solutions for concrete problems in this blog. We are developing our blog structure to be surfed easily and to get relevant posts with enclosed with a desired post, have been reached by reader. You can discover post on concrete, foundation, foundation repair and we also publish tutorial on STAAD.Pro, ETABS and so on.

Vehicle struggling with skidding due to Hydroplaning on concrete pavementLets go to the main point-hydroplaning. Concrete pavement becomes popular from many years and this term also produce problem to people for many years. Now-a-days a speed of 120 kmph is not uncommon in Europe and United States. The vehicle travels in this speed produce noise. The frictional sound between road surface and tyres produce this disturbing sound. In Europe people living near the roads, cannot tolerate this sound-this is really intolerable and regarding vehicular traffic volume, millions of vehicles travels on these highways.

In Europe, Belgium first took attempt to reduce the noise pollution. We know, when a new pavement is constructed, texturing is done by brooming or any other means to facilitate skid resistance. As vehicles travels over this road surface, it get worn out and becomes smooth. The water pool that formed on smooth concrete surface causes so called hydroplaning and high speed vehicles lose control and struggling with skidding and results accident.

A severe accident due to Hydroplaning on concrete pavement

Usually concrete roads need to be resurfacing or sometimes roughening in routine in interval of some years. The roughening is done by re-grooving. For many aspects of re-grooving and resurfacing of concrete surface, please stay with us. We will discuss every topic in this blog regarding concrete and foundation engineering.


  1. You've talked about the importance of grooving cocrete pavements sothat high-speed veh. Can resist skiding, but you've Not said How???

    Second : Im actually confused! Highways and rods are constructed basiclly from "asphalt", But "Concrete"? How?

  2. I will definitely get my hands rich in civil engineering skills if I keep reading your blog posts. Well done mate!

  3. This is very significant information which can help us to overcome some silly mistakes done by the field Engineers.

  4. I would just encourage safe driving. Hydroplaning is dangerous. Your car can have better traction if it's driving on a more textured road.

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