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How are Curled Slab Foundations Repaired?

Here we will discuss a method for repairing/raising settled portion of slab-on-grade foundation. We are concerned with the repair work where slab foundation repair must not interrupt services of a floor. We are not going to conventional slabjacking process. So a quick process of repairing is required where equipment, after repair, can be packed quickly and little cleaning work is required. This can only be done by using polyurethane foam stabilizer.

At first we will learn the phenomenon slab curling. This is nothing but a form of slab distortion in a curled shape. Normally distortion is observed near edges and curled shape is formed. It brings an unaesthetic and unserviceable floor slab. If it is not repaired the distortion reaches to extremity and requires through repair as under heavy vehicular load, it may distressed completely.

A slab-on-grade foundation distressed resulting curling and heavy trucks make factures in concrete slab

A curled busy high way concrete pavement distressed under heavy vehicular load and required to be polyjacked
As mentioned earlier, conventional methods are not used in busy floor slab to avoid space loss during construction, interrupting regular service of floor. In industrial floor it is essential to keep operating both repair and business operation.

Our aim is to fill cavities below the curled slab. Only a special grout injection, penetrating the slab and filling can serve the both purposes and only polyjacking can do this. It need only small injection holes and hardened within short time. In case of slabs that is sunk severely a pressurized injection is often adopted. This injection is applied in routine to optimize the time and these are made complying production and business schedule.

Polyurethane Foam Injection provides a quick and efficient repair option  for slab foundation

Dear reader to learn much about polyjacking we have to wait for next post and there we will learn about the scope of polyjacking and relative comparisons with traditional slabjacking will also be provided with the mechanism involved in polyjacking.


  1. Interesting technique for concrete lifting. For most residential property owners typical concrete lifting techniques will get their slabs back to level.

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