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Leca Provides A Light Weight Concrete of Fire Resistant and Sound Insulation

We have already discussed about the light weight concrete and compaction recommendation for such concrete. Now we will discuss about an aggregate that provides excellent fire resistance and sound insulation.

We have known the name the Leca (light expanded clay aggregate). We have discussed about its thermal insulation properties. With thermal insulation it is also great way of insulating sound.

Leca is formed by burning it in rotary kiln at a temperature of 1100oC. Before burning it was treated extensively. During burning plastic clay (base material) get expanded resulting a puffed internal structure of numerous cavities. These cavities are filled with air, that make it excellent sound proofing options to engineers.

Exposed reinforcement of normal concrete during fire damage in 1996 in Eurotunnel fire

Sound insulation property of wall made with concrete block of Leca
Being environmentally safe, it is a great choice for green engineering construction. It is not susceptible to insect attack or dry-rot or wet rot. Leca aggregate and prefabricated concrete block is the best insulation material found in conducting test. A block of 10 cm width can fade 45 db and 15 cm width block can fade 46 db.

Regarding fire resistance it is also a material to fight well with fire. We have already discussed that it is formed by burning clay at 1100oC. So it can resist fire about 3 hours. Here we are considering a block of 130kg/m3 density. 3 hours resistance against fire and fire spreading are a very important property for evacuation during fire hazard or to control fire by fire fighting equipments.

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