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Structural Analysis: Specification of Loads for Plates Elements in STAAD.Pro

Dear reader as we promised in the last post, we are now discussing about specifications for assigning load on plate element in STAAD.Pro. At first we will know what types of loads are usually applied in structural model of STAAD.Pro. on such elements.

These are:

a. Concentrated load in particular location within the plate element

b. Uniformly disturbed pressure on plate element

c. Partial pressure uniformly distributed on particular portion.

A 10 storied Structure modeled with plate mesh in STAAD.Prod. Pressure that varies linearly over element

e. Load induced by temperature change

f. Temperature load induced due to temperature variation between bottom and top surfaces of desired plate element etc.

Now we will provide information about how load can be assigned either global or local directions in most common loading conditions:

-joint loads on elements are assigned globally

 -concentrated loads provided in any specified location, defined by the user, depending on actual structural loading conditions, may be assigned both globally or locally.

-uniform pressure to be assigned on plate element may be assigned either by globally or locally

Global axis and local axis definition in load assignment window STAAD.Pro

-partially distributed uniform pressure to be assigned on a particular portion of element to represent actual loading condition may be assigned by globally or locally

-pressure varying linearly on plate can be specified locally

Uniform pressure in mesh element in STAAD.Pro

In case of global direction of assignment the assignment axes are fixed for element but in local assignment methods the axis are shown in particular loading window. The sign convention (either +ve or -ve) are also given in loading window. In case of facilities of both global and local assignment, the both axis systems are explained in loading window.

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