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What is Erosion of Concrete?

Dear reader we have discussed about different durability factors of concrete in the blog. In this post we will discuss about erosion of concrete. Erosion is one form of wearing of concrete that is observed in contact with flowing water. The water body that results erosion may carry solid particles which leads to serious erosion to concrete.

Another term cavitation is closely related to erosion that will be discussed in the next post. Let’s concentrate to this topic. We are listing the factors that determine the degree of erosion:

a. Quantity of the transported particles

b. Shape of these particles

Almost damaged concrete channel by erosion
c. Size of these particles

d. Hardness of these particles

e. Velocity of particle movement

f. Formation of eddies

g. At last quality of concrete

The concrete quality, especially in surface zone is very important to resist erosion of concrete. We will provide factors and ways to control erosion in the very next post. Like abrasion the resistance against erosion is also related to the strength of concrete but mix composition of concrete is also vital. We will discuss this later.

Exposed reinforcement due to concrete erosion

Erosion is a mechanical damage of concrete which is frequently associated with corrosion. Marine concrete is the ideal example of such damage. With this corrosion effects, erosion is happened when mechanical damage to concrete is occurred by the waves of water with gravel and sand carried by them. Sometimes crystallized salt takes the part of impacting from carried particles.

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