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What are the Functions of Admixture Dispensers in Concrete Batching?

Dear reader here we will discuss about liquid admixtures for concrete. We have already had few ideas about admixture dispensers. When we will discuss about admixture dispensers, we have to cover total process of admixtures storage at production plant to providing admixture to batch prior discharging of concrete. So this operation of admixtures dispensers includes four separate functions as discussed below:

a. Transportation of admixtures by dispenser from storage at plant to the batch location.

b. Measurement of quantity of admixtures is done with dispensers to determine accurate application of admixtures.

c. Verification of dispensed volume with dispensers for accurate batching.
Truck-mounted Dispenser of concrete Admixture
d. Injection of required amount of admixtures onto or into the batch.

The functions discussed above are basic functions of admixture dispensers. But in practical cases some functions may be done in combination of two or three functions. As an example:

Consider function (b) and (c) i.e. the measurement of admixture quantity and verification of volume may be combined. This is done to have reliable result to avoid inaccurate or false batching in respect of admixture injection. This also ensures optimum application of admixture to concrete batch to provide economy.

Dear reader we will discuss throughout our upcoming posts about

–various method of dispensing

-specific method for producing specific concrete

-in actual practice limitation of dispensers

-accuracy of injection of dispenser

The points noted above are very important as successful application of chemical admixtures (in respect of accurate measure and correct injection) is the key factor for producing designed concrete to be served for desired purposes.


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  2. Dispensing method of concrete batching plant may be varied based on the application.

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