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Soil Retaining by Steel Sheet Pile

Dear reader we have already discussed about precast concrete and wooden sheet piles. Now we will learn about steel sheet pile.

The main advantage of steel sheet piles is they are reusable we can use these piles for several projects. They are lightweight i.e. easy to transport and thus facilitate handling.

Another advantage is they have higher driving resistance i.e. they can sustain high driving stress without distortion. So with lightweight, reusability and strength, these piles are the most appropriate choice in jobsite.

In United States the thickness of steel sheet piles are about (10-13) mm. But in Europe wider and thicker section is used. The sections that are used as steel sheet piles as follows:
Ball and socket type steel sheet pile

a. Z

b. Deep arch

c. Low arch

d. Straight web sections

Regarding interlocking section of steel sheet pile may be

a. Ball and socket

Thumb and finger type sheet pile
b. Thumb and finger

Both interlocking arrangement provides watertight connections. We are providing necessary figures to understand the interlocking below:

The interlocking like ball and socket for Z section is shown below. We are providing table describing properties of section of section sheet piles that are provided by Bethlehem Steel Corporation. The allowable flexural stresses for designing steel sheet piles are shown below according to respective ASTM standard:
Allowable flexural stresses for steel sheet piles according to ASTM

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