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Tolerance of Pile Installation in Pile Foundation Construction

Pile is an essential part of deep foundation resting on pile foundation. Pile foundation essentially consists of group of piles and an embedment called cap, can support one or may be group of columns or other structural element like them.

We have discussed different aspects of pile rigs, pile installation, pile cap design, pile drilling techniques in our many posts. Here we are discussing about tolerances in pile installation.

We have discussed in our previous posts about tolerances in concrete constructions. Here we are also discussing about cast-in-situ piles but can be used to driven piles too.

Position of pile head:

pile layout burj khalifaThe drawing showing the position of pile head called pile layout. The deviation of pile heads from the position shown in pile layout must not exceed 75 mm in either side.

Deviation form verticality:

In bored piles, the deviation from vertical of pile at any depth must not exceed (1 in 150). The contractor is liable to ensure engineer about verticality of pile is limited with in allowable tolerances.

Correction of tolerance:

Contractor shall provide remedial design options and under approval of engineer, these remedial measure have to be carried out by contractor.


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  2. Deviation form verticality:(1:150)is from what codes? British or ACI?
    Please answer meπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
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