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Stability of Slope and Cut in Loess Soil

Dear reader we have discussed about properties, sampling and evaluation of collapse potential of loess soil in our previous posts. We have learnt about grain size and shape of loess which is relevant to stability of slope and vertical faces on loess soil.

We have discussed about collapse nature of loess soil earlier in this blog. Now we have to know how long loess remains stable under unfavorable conditions of weather.

The stability in slope and vertical faces on loess are due to cohesion existing in this soil. This interparticle cementation provides stability to this soil so far it is not saturated.
Caves in loess soil in loess plateau
So we should not be surprised at steep slopes or full vertical faces standing freely without any external stabilization. We know the grains are angular in loess which often keep it in banks without slumping for many years.

Perhaps you have heard about loess plateau which covers many provinces of chine like






In these regions cave dwellers makes their ecological friendly solution making caves through loess deposits.

Loess is characterized by vertical cleavage which facilitates excavation for this purpose. Loess is eroded very easily. In several region of the world, the loess ridges are found align against prevailing winds of Ice Age.

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