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How to Differentiate Loess from Other Soil?

Dear reader in this post we will discuss about identification of loess soil from other soils. We have discussed about index properties of loess, which produce a basis to differentiate loess from other soil. The index properties we discussed are:

a. Specific gravity

b. Dry density

c. Liquid limit

d. Plastic limit etc.

Loess soil
This is a collapsible soil, so after determining collapse potential we can also identify it together with other properties. Collapse potential has already discussed in previous posts and more elaborate testing procedures will be published here very soon.

Loess has brownish yellow or light yellow color. We have discussed grain-size distribution of loess in previous posts. We know loess is mainly silts but contains some amount clay and sands also furnish with cementing action from calcite.

We are summarizing all index properties of loess in following table: 
Index properties of loess soil
We will discuss about permeability and shear strength of this soil in our upcoming posts.

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