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Important Characteristics of Aggregate Significant in Concrete Mix Design

We know aggregate is comparatively cheap component of concrete mix design and usually assumed they will not go to reaction in presence of water.

Thus we can treat them as inert filler. But this inertness is rendered by selecting suitable aggregate. In this blog we will discuss about source characteristics, application of aggregate especially special aggregate (from waste materials, artificial aggregate, recycled aggregate, rock origin of aggregate etc.)

Being inert particles we can not ignore its importance in concrete proportioning. Now-a-days, the conventional view of inertness is of burning question, with the increase awareness of roles played by them influencing many significant properties of final product concrete.
Crushed Cement Concrete aggregate
The significant characteristics among many for proportioning concrete mix design includes:

a. Porosity

b. Moisture absorption

c. Grading or size distribution

d. Shape of aggregate

e. Surface texture of aggregate

f. Elastic modulus

g. Crushing strength

h. Type and form of deleterious substances exist in aggregate

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