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Achieving Excellent Finishing of Concrete with Permeable Formwork

Dear reader in our last post we have discussed about durability of concrete poured in permeable formwork. A concrete member which has visibility in vertical face can be designed to have excellent finished surface with such formwork.

Most concrete member has visible vertical face and bottom horizontal face (say beam). In case of column and reinforced concrete wall vertical face is also available. In case of slab either top surface is finished with neat cement finish or provided with tiles/mosaic.
Permeable formwork for retaining concrete structure
The bottom surface of slab sometimes has ribbed appearance according to architectural requirements. Most case plaster is provided to exposed face of concrete member.

Textured finishing of concrete with permeable formwork
When a fresh concrete is poured, we know bleeding is common phenomenon. With permeable formwork, the surface achieved is free from streak of bleeding and also free from pack-marks due to entrapped air.

Removing these two, permeable formwork produces an enhanced aesthetic appearance to exposed surface. So with the advantage of greater durability, excellent architectural appearance is also available.

The less bleeding phenomenon provides additional advantage of early finishing. There have also disadvantage of such formwork which will be discussed in next post. Till then goodbye.

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