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What is Permeable Formwork for Concrete?

This is a special development of concrete formwork where filter, draining and structural supports are provided with this system. This type of formwork is specially designed for vertical and inclined surface of concrete which furnished with propylene fabric supported by plywood backing having drain holes.

The fabric is strong and supplied in project in rolls having variable length. The fabric must be chemically inert.

Placing fabric for permeable concrete formwork
The purposes of this system are:

a. Filter:

To facilitates air and water to pass out from fresh concrete by allowing a passage but essentially retains cement/fine solids.

b. Drain:

The drain holes discussed above allows water and air to transfer from formwork to environment.

c. Structural support:

The system keep fabric and backing element in position until the formwork is removed after sufficient maturity of concrete member is gained. The concrete pressure is also resisted by this system.

If the above purposes are served successfully, we will produce a concrete of excellent visual appearance and greater durability as surface hardness of concrete produced in this process is greatly increased.

The water permeability and absorption in surface of concrete is also greatly reduced.

The only limitation we know is-high drying rate due to less bleeding which is expressed in the form of plastic shrinkage cracking.

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