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Frequency of Testing of Concrete Aggregate for Moisture Content

We have discussed few posts about moisture content in aggregates; here we will learn about frequency of testing for this parameter. We know accuracy in testing process is important for any concrete aggregates, both in sampling and weighing, but increase of moisture parameter of aggregate, the speed of test have greater importance than refinement in test results.

This is due to requirement of necessary adjustment of moisture content in batching with change in moisture in aggregates. It is expected to measure immediate measurement of moisture content to monitor changes and providing necessary adjustment in water/cement ratio of concrete.

Frequent moisture change in concrete aggregate
We will provide some information about instantaneous measurement of moisture content in our upcoming posts. The frequency of testing of moisture content of aggregate depends on following factors:

a. Uniformity of supplied aggregate

b. Requirements for the statistical analysis

In normal cases, testing is scheduled two times a day. In case of fine aggregate, sometimes, more testing is required depends on significant changing in conditions.

To minimize or avoid inaccuracy in sampling and weighing, the sample is taken as large as to conveniently handle the moisture testing within time expected for drying.

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