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Rendering of No-Fines Concrete

Dear reader we were discussing about no-fines concrete in previous posts; many aspects we have discussed but do we know feasibility of this concrete? This concrete has advantage of less or negligible capillary suction.

But this concrete has high absorption. This may lead to vulnerable of use this concrete as exterior wall. The external walls of building should be provided with rendering on both faces of walls.

Rendered external wall of no fines concrete

The rendering not only act against water absorption but also reduce permeability of air. The advantages of rendering are always associated with disadvantage of poor performance in sound acoustic.

Rendering and or painting reduce the special property of better sound-absorption of no-fines concrete. This is due to closing the pores by painting or and types of rendering.

Therefore where acoustic properties of wall are of primary objective, the rendering should not be provided on that side of walls that are of an element of sound acoustic system. The other side may be rendered where absorption of environmental agents is an important aspect of design.

In aesthetical point of view, open-textural wall of this concrete provides addition advantage of providing better rendering. Dear reader every product has some advantages and disadvantages and we have overcome these by our technical knowledge and proper application. Dear reader in our next post we will discuss about beneficiary effects of no fines concrete having large pores.

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