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Distribution of Black Cotton Soil Over the World

Dear reader more than fifty posts have been published about black cotton soil in this blog; there we have already learnt some regions of black cotton soils and their devastating properties with some soil stabilization techniques. Here we will learn about its distribution all over the world.

At first we will remove the confusion about different name of this soil. The black cotton soils are also known as Dark earth, Dark cracking soil, regur and grumusol in different regions. Dear reader in following table we are providing distribution of this soil over the world:

The breakup of individual regions of these countries is:
From this table it is clear that these countries are the main regions covering with this soil. The total area covered by black cotton soil is 250 million hectares and Australia, India, Sudan, Chad and Ethiopia contain more than 80% of total area of world.


Northern territory of New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, portion of Queensland, Coastal areas in Northern Territories.



-Madhya Pradesh
-Portion of Maharashtra
-Andhra Pradesh (south central), central regions of Deccan Plateau


-Region lies between the White and Blue Nile
-Most portion of South Sudan
-Upper Nile
-Equatoria province
Distribution of black cotton soil in Africa with climatic zones

-Mostly in Chad basin
-Scattered distribution also in other regions


Area covering Ethiopia Plateau and Rift valley

Although black cotton soil or vertisols are found in relatively small area in land surface of the world, they are important soil in respect of agricultural and civil engineering context. The relative merits and demerits of black cotton soil have discussed in our previous posts, you can read this for more information.

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