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Installation Record for Micropile

Installation record of micropile should follow specific steps, and proper monitoring of installation of any foundation especially deep foundation is very important. Dear reader in this blog we are publishing may FAQ of micropile design, manufacture and also installation, many are still to come.

Following records should be prepared by respective division who is responsible for respective job for owner or other authorized professional. It is recommended to complete records within 24 hours after completion of installation of each micropile. The maximum information that should include in the records is as follows:
Settlement testing of micropile

A. Duration of pile drilling and observations too (for example flush return).

B. Information of rock and soil encountered which should also include description of individual stratum and water table etc.

C. Approximate elevation of final tip

D. Design load

E. Description of behavior of unusual installation and conditions

F. Any deviation encountered during installation from the expected parameters

G. Attained grout pressure as applicable

H. Pumped quantities of grout

I. Pipe materials along with dimensions

J. Details, analysis and records of micropile test.

In addition to these records, as -building drawing describing location of piles, depth of them, details of composition of pile and inclination have to be submitted within specified calendar days as required by specification, obviously before completion date.

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