What is Working Drawing? Working Drawings for Micropile Foundation

Working drawing is a technical drawing as a part of documentation required to build/construct an architectural or engineering product. In engineering purposes, these include every necessary data to construct or manufacture a desired object like dimensions, angles/orientation etc.
Working drawings furnish necessary graphical and dimensioned information that will be required for construction by contractor, or will be used by suppliers for fabrication of components of particular works or for installing or assembling any components.

Traditional drawings contain two dimensional orthographic presentations the building or its component like plans, sections & elevations. Now-a-days, most drawings are prepared by CAD (Computer Aided Design) software; some are also made by hand. Three dimensional representation of structure or its components are sometimes included for better understanding.Design specifications can also be included in working drawings or separate specification sheet may be used, but in no case, duplicate information should be provided as this will produce confusion. Different lineweight (thickness of line) can be used to draw certain element to provide more clarity.


Working drawings should be made considering people who will use drawing and purpose of them. The objectives of these drawings are: 

• For making a plan for construction (contractor’s perspective) 

• To deliver instructions for construction site,

• To procure components, 

• To prepare shop drawings,

• To appoint subcontractors.

We will learn here about working drawing of a micropile but while defining working drawing architectural purposes could also include say

• Civil drawing

• Architectural drawing

• Structural drawing

• Mechanical drawing

• Electrical drawing

• Plumbing drawings


Dimensions are provided in such way that any person can manufacture designed product with the help of these drawings. Working drawings should have adequate precision and a scale should be maintained say if a drawing is one third of actual size, the scale should be 1:3 and so on.

Now consider working drawings for micropile installation. The working drawing should include following details:

1. Micropile number, pattern and location
2. Design load of micropile
3. Size and type of reinforcing bars
4. Minimum bond length (total value)
5. Maximum grouting pressures and its volume

6. Details of top attachment of micropile
7. Elevation of cut-off level of micropile

Apart from working drawing, contractors also have to submit shop drawings of structure steel to owner for approval and review which should include:

a. Components of micropile
b. Corrosion protection measures or system
c. Bond length details
d. Attachment at pile top

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